Trade Point México ofrece un portafolio de servicios para consolidar negocios internacionales, tanto para exportar, importar, así como para establecer empresas en diversas regiones. “Más de 25 años facilitando el Comercio Internacional”.

Trade Point Mexico offers a portfolio of services to solidify international business, both to export, import, as well as to establish enterprises in different regions. ”More than 25 years easing International Commerce”




We support national and foreign companies to join into the global market by enabling them to:

  • Identify new markets.
  • Guide new products.
  • Foster and spread innovative products in alternative markets.
  • Identify chances of competing in the international market.
  • Take advantage of expanded market opportunities through preferential agreements.


We manage the import process of our customers, for what we own:

  • Updated databases from suppliers from different commercial sectors.
  • The direct support of our allies in different countries of the world.
  • Logistics stand and regulatory experience.
  • Institutional Endorsement of Various Chambers of Commerce.
  • Own methodology, for the selection of your supplier and/or counterpart of: Inputs, maquila of processes, machinery and/or manufactured products.


Guillermo Becedoniz

Electronic Center Montañes

“Our fleeting passage through Mexico has left us particularly good sensations both professionally and personally. It will always be a pleasure for CEM COMPANIES to work with TRADE POINT MEXICO.”

Mtra. Amandine Weber

Jalisco Footwear Camara

“We thank the professionalism and seriousness of the Trade Point Mexico agents who coordinated the identification of the commercial counterparties.”




We have developed different tools and strategies that support startups and foreign enterprises looking to enter Mexico, which not only focus on economic knowledge and understanding, but also on culture, so that their landing in the Mexican market is as profitable as possible by means of:

  • Investment Agendas.
  • Location and accompaniment to investment.
  • Detection of investment incentives.
  • Supplier development.
  • Legal, tax, and labor advisory for the start-up of the business.
  • Patent registration, marks and copyrights.
  • Translation services.


Salvador Garnica


“I thank all your help and professionalism, being satisfied and pending to request your new services.”

International entrepreneurship

Advice and guide to group companies into an export consortium or business network.

Export consortiums and digital marketing networks (large as it is international enterprise)

We assess in the grouping of companies with an export vocation to get them integrated into the global market.

Export consortiums and business networks

  • Conducting the Development Awareness Seminar of the export consortium or digital network.
  • Diagnosis of the company’s candidates to form the network.
  • Research development to define priority International Markets.
  • Technical Assistance to achieve companies prepared to export.
  • Realization of a business plan with a common distribution channel for the export group: short-, medium- and long- semester actions.
  • Conducting integration meetings.
  • Export Consortium and Digital Networks Training Workshop.
  • Legal Definition and rules of procedure of the Export Network.
  • Structured Structure and Contribution Fund.
  • Document supporting the formation of the Export Network.
  • Diversify its commercialization through digital media in the selected markets niches.
  • Developing a B2C business or participating in global marketplaces to sell to national and international digital buyers.


“It is hereby stated that José Gerardo Tajonar Castro worked as a consultant together with Plenumsoft in the creation of a company for Pro Mexico´s REDEZPORTA program in 2017. I state that the work was as expected and the company´s expectations were exceeded.”

Sergio David Franco Garduño

Plenumsoft solution manager

Digital marketing strategies

Comprehensive strategies focused on digital transformation, generated through Cross border eCommerce, the same ones that will ease the preparation and participation of more Mexican companies in online sales platforms and digital marketing strategies, including social media in target countries (países destino) by:

  • Functional eCommerce.
  • Marketing campaigns.
  • Content creation and branding.
  • Optimization.
  • Analytics / KPls.
  • Strategy setting.
  • Ingress main Global Marketplaces.
  • Digital promotion strategies in target markets.


Lic. Hannie Vignali Avendaño

Funny Pets S.A.

“Consultants demonstrated high performance, supporting us at all times and with a wide capacity of skills and dexterities.”

trade point mexico


Presenting your business capabilities to our high-level contacts network to national and international customers and authorities.

High-level Institutional Public Relations

Direct relationship with public institutions that have or may have influence at the public or private level to develop their own or shared projects. Governmental institutions, embassies, consulates, business chambers, media, among others.

We work hand in hand with the Mexican Government and other governments through their embassies and their trade and investment promotion offices allowing us to:

  • Improve its knowledge, public image and notoriety that legitimizes its institutional policies.
  • Support marketing and communication strategies.
  • Plan publicity strategies and campaigns.
  • Manage company communications with the public, consumers, investors, journalists and other media specialists.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate communication strategies and programs designed to inform customers, employees, and the general public about the company´s initiatives and policies they represent.
  • Maintain and update internal and external communication portals, including communiqués, websites and social networks.
  • Keep customers informed about new promotional opportunities that arise and the progression of the public relations campaign that is in progress.
  • Delegate or conduct relevant information research.


Profra. María de la Esperanza Gómez Mont y Urueta

Secretary of Economy – SMEs

“I hereby allow myself to extend you a sincere appreciation for your reconnaissance so that the model “DOS VÍAS A LA EXPORTACIÓN” developed by Trade Point Mexico is integrated into the methodology…”

Ec. Hugo A. Martínez Olea


“With an attentive greeting, I state that Dr. José Gerardo Tajonar Castro has collaborated with the Ecuadorian Commercial Office in Mexico; for the development of events promoting Ecuador´s exportable offer, market research, missions and networking activities…”

Samuel Lara Sánchez

ProMéxico – REDEX

“Through this conduit and at the request of the interested one, I allow myself to inform you that ProMexico designed and implemented the National Program for the Formation and Consolidation of Export Networks (RedExporta), which supports Mexican SMEs to make synergy to compete…”