Trade Point México ofrece un portafolio de servicios para consolidar negocios internacionales, tanto para exportar, importar, así como para establecer empresas en diversas regiones. “Más de 25 años facilitando el Comercio Internacional”.

Trade Point Mexico offers a portfolio of services to solidify international business, both to export, import, as well as to establish enterprises in different regions. ”More than 25 years easing International Commerce”


Service under competency standards certified in the face of KNOW that Trade Point Mexico offers.


International Marketing of Products

Based on the EC 0536 “International Marketing of products”

Thematic Content

  • Introduction to international trade, import and export.
  • Product analysis, its packaging and tariff classification.
  • Non-tariff restrictions and development programmes.
  • International markets selection, market selection matrix.
  • International Logistics, transport types, export documents.
  • Export price formation according to INCOTERMS 2020.
  • International contracts, payment methods and credits to international trade.
  • Alliances and strategic negotiations for internationalization.
  • International trade promotion tools.
Digital marketing and Cross Border – ecommerce

Based on the EC 1285 Digital marketing and cross-border marketing.

Thematic content

  • Development of the business plan for the cross-border digital commercialization.
  • Implementation of the right technology to develop the cross-border digital strategy.
  • Implementation of operation processes for cross-border digital commercialization.
  • Develop the international digital marketing strategy.

Compliance Officer Certification in customs matters and Foreign Trade

Based on the EC 1301 Identification, prevention and mitigation of risks in customs and Foreign Trade matters.

Thematic content

  • Customs operation check and foreign trade matters.
  • Identification of risks in customs matters and foreign trade.
  • Identify mitigators related to compliance with applicable obligations and responsibilities.
  • Identify acts of audit, reviewing, checking and verifying compliance with obligations.
  • Implement best corporate practices in customs matters and foreign trade.


Development of Export Consortiums and digital commercialization networks.

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Ten foolproof tips to export mezcal to the United States.

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International promotion strategies of organic products in non-traditional markets.

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How to make your product or service be a case of international success.

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Three steps to export 3s.

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Approach to China through methodology 3s.

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Women and perfect couple internationalization.

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